Yuen Kee Ho Jewelry Appliances & Supplies Ltd.

Yuen Kee Ho Machinery Ltd.
Founded in 1989, YUEN KEE HO is proud of producing different kinds of high-quality jewelry accessories and equipments. We respect our customers who demand outstanding high-quality suppliers, YUEN KEE HO keeps an eye on quality which plays a key role in our company as reflected in every respect of our products, design, price and service. We also specialize in tailor made products, you will find exactly what you need from us. Using the state-of-the-art equipment, YUEN KEE HO adopts the technology of its own to create for you the superior products.

You may place an order through telephone, fax or email. We will help you to select the right items you need from our complete line of tools, equipment, supplies and materials. The best source is here for you.

YUEN KEE HO - superior QUALITY, competitive PRICE, timely DELIVERY, everyday IMPROVEMENT, and best SERVICE

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